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Pizza Hut goes VoIP

Pizza franchises live or die based on their ability to answer the phones as quickly as possible. If the customer has to wait on hold too long - or worse gets a busy signal, then the customer is going to...

I'd like a pizza with pepperoni and a sprinkle of VoIP and some GPS too

Recently, I received an email from a pizza delivery solutions provider seeking my assistance in an interesting application that involves VoIP, GPS coordinates, Bluetooth, and of course pizza. This is not the first time I have linked pizza with VoIP....

Vonage IPO Lawsuit and my Lawsuit over my Cold Pizza

Sure, all the hubbub is over Vonage users suing Vonage over their failed IPO and refusing to pay for their Vonage shares, but I have my own pending lawsuit against Vonage - and it's over my cold pizza.Last night, I...
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