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Block Skype

There are two camps when it comes to Skype. The "I love Skype so much I'm going to name my first born child 'Skype'" and the "Blasted 'Skype application' is penetrating my security measures at every turn. Damn you Skype!...

Firm urges banning Skype in the enterprise

Well, this industry analysy firm's stance on Skype blocking will certainly irk a few Skype fans. Technology industry analyst firm Info-Tech Research Group is telling enterprises to ban Skype - the freely-available Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service -...

China blocking Skype here we go again

I just blogged this morning about how China was going to have 210.11 billion minutes with revenues of RMB 52.53 billion Yuan by 2007 but then commented, "So ummm China blocks Skype, one of the leading VoIP players and China...

Verso Technologies blocks Skype

Verso Technologies, Inc. today announced the introduction of its new carrier-grade application filter, which enables carriers to restrict peer-to-peer traffic, including Skype calls, P2P messaging, streaming media and instant messaging. Sound familiar?Packeteer is another company offering the capability to not...
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