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Skype Journal's VoIP Predictions

Phil Wolff over at Skype Journal has an interesting list of predictions for 2008. He didn't a nice even 10 or even an even dozen, not even 20. Nope, he did a whopping 37 predictions. Granted some are more humorous...

David Pogue's Pathetic List of Predictions

I was reading SmithOnVoIP and read how David Pogue, a well-known technology writer for the NY Times, recently made 5 what I call "obvious" predictions. One of his predictions is free landline calls. According to the article, "Prediction Number One:...

Rich the VoIP prognosticator?

Rich Tehrani said a few weeks ago that Kodak should partner with someone in VoIP. Looks like he gets the nod for accurately making the first 2006 prediction accurately. Kodak and Skype partnered. Wonder if his other 2006 predictions will...

2006 VoIP Predictions

I promised predictions for 2006 and so here they are. Nothing like waiting till the last minute, eh? ;) Let me first start my analyzing my 2005 VoIP predictions. Some I have abbreviated for brevity sake, so if you...

2005 VoIP Predictions

I've been thinking about making predictions for 2005 for some time now. I had a few ideas jotted down back in November but just never got around to compiling everything together and then sitting down and writing my VoIP predictions....
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