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Yelp Mocks Rick Perry in App Store

Yelp fixed three bugs in its iPhone app yesterday, but the interesting part  was how they got a 'dig in' on Republican candidate for President, Texas Governor Rick Perry. Yelp lists the three bug fixes as:- Bookmarks-related bugs- iOS5 styling...

Atlantis Shuttle's Sandra Magnus has Bad Hair Day During Video Call to President Obama

The STS-135 mission is the last shuttle mission, so I decided to check out the video call with President Obama. As I was watching the Atlantis crew video call with President Obama I noticed Sandra Hall Magnus had a "hair...

Obama Aims to Wiretap Skype, Facebook, Blackberry, the Entire Internet

Things just went from bad to downright scary under the Obama Administration. According to the   Essentially, officials want Congress to require all services that enable communications -- including encrypted e-mail transmitters such as BlackBerry, social networking websites...

President-Elect Barack Obama's $40 billion <strike>Handout</strike> Bailout to Internet Providers

President-Elect Barack Obama is planning to send up to $40 billion in grants and loans bailout funds toward improving broadband availability and speeds as part of broader economic stimulus efforts, according to UBS analysts. According to Telephony Online: A...
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