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Sears Wants Your Old Gadgets

Sears is offering VenJuvo's Trade4Credit program to shoppers that will allow you to earn Sears store credit in exchange for trading in pre-owned gadgets that have been determined to still hold value.The program, which offers free recycling and shipping,...

Going Green with My Gadgets

We all love our gadgets -- some more than others -- but all of those TVs, computers, mobile phones and DVD players suck up energy and end up clogging landfills. How can you stay plugged in while minimizing the effect on...

Samsung's Green Gadget Returns Mean Free for All

Samsung has announced free recycling for all Samsung-branded consumer electronics in all 50 states, beginning October 1. Samsung has just announced its Recycling Direct, a program that will enable consumers in all 50 states to recycle Samsung-branded consumer electronics...

CloudBlue for Recycling Gadgets

With more and more gadgets comes the need to get rid of some of them sometimes! But no more just dumping them in the trash -- recycle, now that's the ticket! CloudBlue offers a suite of services that enable...

Dell Does Recycling Right! F-R-E-E

Now we really have something good here with Dell’s announcement of its no-charge recycling program for U.S. customers. Let's just call it was it is -- free! The magic URL is (About time this got here -- Dell has offered...
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