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You Like Ringtones? How About Horntones?

Hey, why not! You can personalize the ring of your mobile phone, so why not personalize the honk of your car's horn? (That would be cool. ) (And why not call them "horntones" with a respectful nod to "ringtones.") Put...

Vringo Video Ringtones

Vringo's Jon Medved launched Vringo, a mobile application that brings "video ringtones" to mobile phones. Yeah, that's right. Video ringtones. When you call your buddy, you can send or receive video clips that will appear as your ringtone. In a...

Hey, It's Like Second Life for Your Cell Phone

Maybe there is something to this Second Life thing after all. While IBM seems to think this is the next big thing (according to this report, many other companies are going their own way with bits and pieces of the "big...

Can you hear me now? Ringtones Age Discrimination

Interesting story from ABC News about a ringtone that only young people can hear:Students are using a new ring tone to receive messages in class — and many teachers can't even hear the ring.Some students are downloading a ring tone...

Pay for Skype ringtones? Nah, not me.

In case you missed it, Skype and Warner Music Group partnered yesterday to offer ringtones for the Skype client. Now I get the fact that ringtones on cellphones are a multi-billion dollar business, but ringtones on Skype? Actually, come to...

Wizztones personalized Skype ringtones with TTS

Here's an interesting third-party Skype application from WizzTones that lets you create customized "talking" alerts in a computer-generated, life-like male or female voice, in up to 10 different languages. You can also create ringtones using your own voice & microphone....
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