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Get Sirius with Car TV

Or maybe it should be "get car TV with Sirius." One of the two major sat radio players announced that it plans to offer live television in cars as early as 2007 (that would be next year) -- that would...

HD Radio: What Do You Think?

Always lots of noise about satellite radio like Sirius and XM, but how about HD Radio? Anybody buying into that format? Anybody know that much about it (seems like a pretty quiet new technology roll-out, doesn't it?)....

Bob Dylan as XM DJ?

Read today about Bob Dylan becoming a radio DJ for a new weekly music show that XM Satellite Radio is launching next year.  He's supposed to have special guests and other artists on the show, offer commentary on his musical...

Satellite Radio a Threat to Music Biz?

Funny how the music business can't get out of its own way when it comes to making music affordable and accessible to the millions of fans that keep record companies alive.  First we waited and waited for CD prices to...

FCC amends Emergency Alert System rules

In addition to FCC requirements for e911 for supposedly "protecting the consumer", the FCC today also moved to amend the Emergency Alert System (EAS) rules to include Digital Media Technologies and seeks further comments on EAS System. You know the...
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