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Vonage Email Phishing Scam

Look at this email phishing scam purportedly coming from Vonage. You know Vonage has hit the big time when scammers starts targeting them. Unfortunately, the scammers, like many scammers, have poor English skills making their poorly written emails a dead...

Using Asterisk to Scam Credit Cards

Received a news tip that fraudsters are using Asterisk as a "collection tool" for their credit card scam. While that's nothing new by itself, since there are plenty of scammers leveraging Asterisk, I found it fascinating to be able to...

New eBay scam

Just received an email spam purporting to be from eBay. It's obviously not from eBay or I wouldn't be blogging about it! ;) Anyway, the email looks exactly like your typical "Question from eBay Member" emails. In fact, it sports...
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