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FreePBX High Availability Project Launches at AstriCon

At AstriCon, Schmooze Com Inc., maintainers and core developers of the FreePBX project today announced a High Availability version of FreePBX called FreePBX HA. I'm a huge fan of FreePBX, and have deployed it, so I'm pretty excited about this...

How FreePBX is Revolutionizing PBXs - Let Freedom Ring!

Asterisk fans know that Asterisk, as its name implies, was designed to do everything in telecom since the name Mark Spencer gave it comes from the Linux wildcard symbol (*), which can match or do just about anything. It's a...

PIKA WARP Appliance adopted by Schmooze

Today, as I'm blogging from the ITEXPO press room I learned that the PIKA WARP Appliance has been adopted by Schmooze (aka the Yiddish Asterisk ). If you recall, I reviewed the PIKA WARP Appliance last week. The WARP Appliance...

Schmooze the Yiddish Asterisk

Oy vey! It appears we may have another Asterisk-based PBX in the mix. The chutzpah! The gall to launch an Asterisk-based system without telling me! I feel like such a schmuck for not knowing. After schleping some Aastra phones into...
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