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WebRTC Screen Sharing Using Openfire

I've written about WebRTC screen sharing, but today I came across another WebRTC screen sharing solution leveraging Openfire and using WebSockets and JingleNodes (XMPP) plugins. If you're not familiar with Openfire, it's a real time collaboration (RTC) server licensed under...

WebRTC Screen Sharing Demo!

In a recent post WebRTC Test Demo Fun, I gave some real world "working" examples of WebRTC. One of the demos I covered was which uses WebRTC and allows for multiple video participants and the ability to share files....

WebRTC Challenges

WebRTC holds a lot of promise, and with the buzz surrounding WebRTC beginning to reach a fever pitch, it's worth pointing out the challenges facing WebRTC.First, let's begin with the expectations set for WebRTC. At TMC's recent WebRTC Conference, a...

Watchitoo's Playground Unveiled - Watch out Skype & Google Hangouts!

Watchitoo today unveiled Playground, their cloud-based video collaboration platform for small and medium businesses featuring up to 25 participants that can do video, screen sharing, chat, and file sharing. I did a demo of Playground last week and I was...
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