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Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Updates

Microsoft released some updates for Microsoft Lync Server 2010, Microsoft's unified communications server platform. You can download the cumulative update here.Here's a list of updates released for Lync Server 2010: Update for Administrative Tools 2670358  Description of the cumulative update...

Facebook Uses BitTorrent to Upgrade Servers

Facebook has thousands of servers to maintain and upgrade scattered across many locations. Imagine you're the IT staff responsible for updating all those servers in a timely manner across the Internet so they're all running the same code. Some of...

Use Tor P2P - Get Arrested

A German blogger has a posting about how the police came knocking on his door, arrested him and confiscated all his computer equipment. The crime? He runs a Tor server, a sort of P2P anonymous proxy server that allows people...

MovableType Trackback on Microsoft Windows IIS gives 404 error SOLVED!

I'm running MovableType on a Windows 2000 IIS server and noticed Trackback was giving 404 errors for Trackback urls such as Most MT users use Apache running on a Linux box and MT is only "unofficially" supported on Windows...
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