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netTALK Launches Wi-Fi VoIP Device

netTALK today launched netTALK DUO Wi-Fi, launching exclusively first in Target stores nationwide. Check out my review of their original non-Wi-Fi netTALK DUO, which required an Ethernet (wired) connection. Their new wireless product will be available starting early April at...

Let's get Naked (DSL) Cowboy!

Image of the famous Times Square Naked Cowboy. An interesting new IDC Insight report reveals that although residential VoIP services have been available in Australia for the past four years, the uptake in naked DSL has been slow compared with...

Cheap Phone Service

Here's an excerpt from Phone Service at $199 per year. A start-up company will use Internet technology to offer flat-rate phone service for $199 a year. The service, from a company called SunRocket and started by former MCI employees, includes...

Customer Service

I was checking out Andy's blog about "bad customer service" in the USA and as I was reading it I kept thinking to myself, "Yup, been there" or a Clintonian "I feel your pain..." In fact, reading this also reminded...

AT&T the Sleeping Giant Awakens to blitzkrieg the VoIP market

So every industry pundit is claiming that AT&T has surrendered to the Baby Bells, but I know better. Here are some headlines: AT&T surrenders fight for home telephone services AT&T Gives Up on Consumer Market AT&T rings in a new...

Windows XP SP2 Download - If you know where to look

Microsoft's XP Service Pack2 is out, but very hard to find on Microsoft's site. They probably did this on purpose to prevent an onslaught of people downloading the service pack. They want you to use Automatic Updates to "slowly" download...
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