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What's Not Hot in Japan? Try iPhone

It may come as surprise to all of us here, but iPhone sales are not cutting it in Japan. Apple's partnership with Japan's third-largest mobile operator, Softbank Corp., to sell the iPhone 3G certainly created a buzz. Like elsewhere,...

Economy Down, HDTV Sales To Pick Up?

Economy down, oil prices up ... Hey, time to buy a new HDTV!With the February 2009 digital TV transition looming, HDTV suppliers are expecting a good fourth quarter and hoping for a minimum of price cuts along the way.That is...

Everything in the World's Going Wireless

In Singapore, the Dutch consumer electronics maker Philips is designing a multimedia server to stream audio and video through the air, from the Internet to any device in the home. In Munich, a former unit of Siemens envisions a cordless...

Sharp's 108" LCD: Now That's Big!

From sharp minds come sharp products -- and how about big, really big products. Making its debut at CES, Sharp's Aquos 108-inch High-Definition LCD TV is the world’s largest HD set -- larger than even its plasma rivals. The 1080p LCD TV measures...
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