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Fraunhofer Full-HD Voice - HD Voice on Steroids?

I was very familiar with Fraunhofer, since they are renowned for their MP3 encoder and in fact helped pioneer MP3 technology. A German company, Fraunhofer continues to do research to come up with the best sounding audio at the lowest...

Skype over 3G on iPhone Arrives - with a catch

Today, Skype released a new Skype for iPhone application that finally allows Skype over 3G calls. Only one catch though. There will be a small monthly fee for Skype over 3G calls - even if the calls are Skype-to-Skype. That's...

OpenSky vs. SkypeforSIP - It's On Baby!

It's on! It's Gizmo5's OpenSky vs. Skype. Michael Robertson, the CEO of Gizmo5 has a post up where he compares Gizmo5's OpenSky to Skype's SkypeforSIP. It's interesting how Michael talks about open standards, mentioning .mp3, a standard which Michael was...

Skype Launches 4.0 with Super <strike>Duper Weenie</strike> Wideband Codec

According to Skype Journal, Skype has released Skype 4.0 to Gold. The new version sports not "wideband audio" but a "Super Wideband audio codec" or what I like to call the Super Duper Weenie Wideband codec after one of my...
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