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Tello a near term solution?

Tello was launched today by Pulver with some help from Craig McCaw, telecom banker Michael Price and former Apple CEO John Sculley. What is Tello? Tello enables enterprise users to see the presence of the person they are trying...

GAIM 2.0 coming

Erik had an interview with Sean Egan of GAIM about the impending launch of GAIM 2.0, its new features, and Sean's thoughts on IM & VoIP interoperability. Erik writes, "He had some very interesting things to say about Voice Interop...

Keep your eye on Eyeball Networks

"I sense a shift in the force." As most in the VoIP blogosphere already knew, Eyeball Networks, a developer of VoIP and video telephony software for service providers and device manufacturers, hired Eric Lagerway, as their Chief Operating Officer. Eric...
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