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SIP Forum Membership Surges

Marc Robins, a former TMC co-worker dropped Rich and me a line to tell us some good news about the SIP Forum that Marc is now a part of (he's the Managing Director). While I still hold a grudge against...

SIP Forum Announces Ratification of Version 1.0 of SIPconnect

In my previous post "SIP Trunking is Hot!" I mentioned SIPconnect and how important this standard will be to SIP trunking. Well at ITEXPO, the SIP Forum announced an important ratification of version 1.0 of the SIPconnect Technical Recommendation. The...

SIP Trunking is Hot!

I'm sitting in the SIP session at ITEXPO (sponsored by Ingate) and it's one of the most heavily attended sessions at the show. I counted 70 people in the room and people keep filling in. Scratch that, 5 people just...
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