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IPEVO Wi-Fi Phone for Skype Review

The IPEVO Wi-Fi Phone for Skype launched just last month and IPEVO sent me a review unit to check out, which I've been testing for a few weeks. Installation Installing the IPEVO Wi-Fi Phone was a snap. Although it...

Dual Stack SIP and Skype IP Phone Coming

Image is of the IPEVO Solo Desktop Skype phone not the forthcoming product. But picture something like this device that supports SIP, Skype, and has a color LCD A source has told me about an interesting new VoIP/Skype product...

Windows Live Messenger Back in the VoIP game!

Ok, now my head is getting dizzy from the number of times Microsoft Windows Live Messenger/MSN Messenger has had outbound VoIP-to-PSTN calling (2006), then pulling outbound VoIP calling (early 2008), and then putting it back in. Also, I believe...

Third-party SkypeIn Jetnumbers

Skype currently is limited to a few countries for SkypeIn numbers. So what if you want local dial access in a country NOT supported by Skype? Well, claims to have the answer.  They wrote TMC to say, " has...

SkypeIn comes to Japan

If you are from Japan, rejoice since the long anticipated arrival of SkypeIn to Japan has come! Today, Skype launched SkypeIn in Japan with Fusion, a carrier partner who supplies the Japanese numbers. This service was expected last Fall, so...
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