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Cisco Senior Vice President Ian Pennell Keynoting ITEXPO

In addition to magicJack Vocaltec keynoting and Internet legend Bob Metcalfe at ITEXPO in two weeks, we also have Cisco Senior Vice President Ian Pennell keynoting as well. TMC has really lined up some major IP communications players at this...

D-Link enters SMB IP-PBX market

Didn't I warn you D-Link to announce an SMB IP-PBX before Linksys? Did I not say, "Now that I have made this prediction (Linksys developing SMB IP-PBX) watch competitors D-Link or SMC Networks scramble to beat Linksys to the punch....

Linksys One

On June 15, I made a bold prediction about Linksys. I predicted, "I'm going to go out on a limb and make a prediction that Linksys will sell a turnkey, "plug and play" SOHO IP-PBX in 2006 ". I received...
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