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Cheap Gadget Insurance Saves the Day

Protect Your Bubble, a new specialty insurance brand, launched today in the U.S., offering affordable and comprehensive gadget insurance for those pricey gadgets starting at $2.99/month. Perhaps more importantly Protest Your Bubble guarantees 24-hour turnaround for a replacement phone or tablet....

Palm Going the Way of the Dodo?

At a moment in time when smart phones are one of the few hot tech products, Palm, the industry's pioneer, appears to be dying. This morning, Global Crown Capital analyst Pablo Perez-Fernandez cut his rating on the company to...

Microchip Celebrates 50th Today!

Notebooks, smart phones, Blu-ray players -- name a gadget, and it probably wouldn't exist today without the tiny little integrated circuit (IC).Not only did the IC give rise to the modern consumer electronics industry, but it has also kept that...

Only Apple and RIM Can Make Good Smart Phones?

The U.S. market for smart phones continues to be a tough nut to crack for the established handset makers. Top-tier players such as Nokia, Motorola and Samsung control 80% of the market for cell phones but have struggled in...
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