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Skype SMC WiFi phone and FON router bundle

Joanna Stern, a staff writer over at LAPTOP, forwarded me a story she wrote on a Skype (SMC) WiFi phone and FON router bundle being offered by Skype, which is similar to the SMC/Skype bundle I recalled seeing on Skype's...

New SMC Turbo Powerline networking products

Today, SMC Networks announced the shipment of the newest additions to its family of HomePlug 1.0-compatible products, making SMC the first major networking vendor to ship 85Mbps Powerline networking products. Powerline network products let you use your electrical outlets for...

SMC MIMO enabled wireless routers

Well, it's not an SMC Networks "IP-PBX announcment" like I joked about earlier today in my D-Link SMB IP-PBX post, but SMC Networks has some news about MIMO (multiple input, multiple-output) technology I thought I'd share.SMC Networks ( announced today...
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