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Unlimited Free Conference Calls Anywhere In The World Using Any Type Of Calling Device

FreeConferenceCall claims to be the "world’s largest free conference provider". Ok, 'largest' may or may not be "hyperbole", but I thought for sure they were joking when they said they were "free", so I checked out their website and they...

Jabber SimpleAE and myJabberAE softphones

Some news to share confirming TMCnet's scoop on Jabber offering a softphone client and now we have a face to go with the name Actually, we now have a name to go with the product - Jabber's VoIP client is...

Yahoo Partners with Xten a Major VoIP Softphone Player

Another Yahoo deal with a major VoIP player. Yesterday was Dialpad, today it is Xten. Google, are you watching this? When are you going to launch Google VoIP and stop standing on the sidelines? Are you going to let Yahoo...
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