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Truphone to Take on Skype & Offer Windows VoIP App

Truphone, headquartered in London, U.K. will soon be releasing a VoIP client for Windows PCs, as well as the Mac OS. Truphone is known for their mobile VoIP apps supported on several mobile platforms including Apple, Android, Blackberry, and Symbian,...

Business Software Alliance Report Irks Some

The Business Software Alliance's (BSA) annual Global PC Software Piracy Study was recently released, which is a comprehensive report on unauthorized software around the world. Paul Berber who wrote an article titled "Lies, damn lies and the BSA" is none...

Microsoft Equipt includes Office, OneCare for $69.99/Year

Microsoft will start selling its Office programs to consumers on a subscription basis starting in mid-July. According to the news, it's a a bid to reach "thrifty PC buyers" who would otherwise pass on the software. The software bundle, formerly...

Structured and standardized blogging software

Although I use Movable Type blogging software, I've been tempted to check out the popular open source Wordpress blogging software. One of the main reasons I've been hesitant to switch is the migration nightmare that would ensure - incompatible templates,...

Windows Vista - no reboot after installing or updating software

One of the most annoying aspects of Windows is that when you update the software, drivers or parts of the operating system, you need to reboot. After you update something you get a message that says the system needs to...

Google Unveils Video Software

Google is now offering video channels to stream various content, however Google is not streaming Internet TV content as I "theorized" due to Google's recent acquisition of massive amounts of bandwidth. I still think Google TV may be a...
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