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PSP Video Service Coming

Now we're starting to make sense, as in synergy, or convergence as Sony likes to say (or at least at one time was interested in). Make sense? Yes, as in Sony is planning to launch a PSP video download service for its cool...

Bond Goes Sony at the Casino Royale

Even though I read the reviews, was surprised to see so few gadgets in the latest James Bond opus Casino Royale. Guess I've gotten spoiled by all of the crazy gadgets that Q dreamed up over the years -- who...

"Da Vinci Code": Google & Sony Want You To Crack the Code

This week, Google launched its first movie industry cross-promotion ever, according to Adotas, around the release of The Da Vinci Code: The Movie. Working with Sony Pictures, they have launched the Da Vinci Code Quest, an online puzzle game that challenges...

Click: Now That's Total Control

You gotta love the premise of the Sony Pictures movie Click that opens in June -- that life can be controlled by a remote control, just like TV.  Adam Sandler (he can be very funny) operates that colorful and surprising...

Does Anybody Love a Format War?

War! What is it good for! Absolutely nothing!Great song (great cover by Bruce Springsteen; brilliant original by Edwin Starr) and a great idea -- and very appropriate in CE for what's going on with the next generation of DVD.Sony Pictures,...
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