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VoIP Hacker vs. VoIP Server Honeypots

It's VoIP hacker vs. VoIP Server. Who will lay the smack down and win this battle of good vs. evil? The stakes are high. If the hacker wins, it can mean thousands of dollars of phone charges, fraud, and potential...

SPIT and Spam DDoS - Fact or Fiction?

I've written about SPIT or "Spam over Internet Telephony" a few times in the past. Well, now I have a story to share that Dan York shared with me about SPIT leveraging DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks to bring...

VoIP SPIT spam

SPIT defined as "SPam over Internet Telephony" could potentially be a a problem in the future. I've talked about VoIP spam in the past, i.e. Get Ready for Nigerian VoIP Spam! SPIT will certainly become more of an issue as...
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