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Vonage spyware ads funds customer acquisition

Vonage customer acquisition relies heavily on spyware advertsing according to Ben Edelman.  Considering Vonage's failed IPO and continued downward stock price, you'd think Vonage would be on the "up and up" - above all these sort of tactics. After all,...

Nielsen wants to track everything you watch

Nielsen wants to expand upon their TV tracking into the Web realm and even your iPod to track what video content you watch. According to this MSNBC article, "Nielsen Media Research said Wednesday it plans to integrate TV with Internet...

Microsoft to remove Sony copy protection malware

Microsoft said it would remove controversial copy-protection software that CDs from music publisher Sony BMG install on personal computers, deeming it a security risk to PCs running on Windows. This is but another salvo shot fired between Microsoft and Sony....

Windows Defender

In case you hadn't heard the news, Microsoft changed the name of their anti-spyware software from Microsoft AntiSpyware to Windows Defender. Windows Defender will come included with Windows Vista.According to a Microsoft blogger which broke the news, "As part of...
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