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Windows 8 Underscan / Overscan & HDMI Resolution Problem Solved!

I had a problem with Windows 8 having underscan (& overscan) issue where the screen was not filling entire TV screen over a HDMI connection, resulting in abnormally large black borders. Who wants to watch 1920x1080 (1080p) HD video content...

Facebook Testing Free VoIP calling in Messenger app

Well, well, well - just days after my "Skype vs. Facebook - How WebRTC Will Turn Friends into Enemies" post where I said Facebook could crush Skype if they chose to get into VoIP, Facebook released a new version of...

Billionaire Gives Secrets to Startup Success

Sir Terry Matthews is a Welsh/Canadian high tech entrepreneur, and Wales's first billionaire. He has directly started 89 companies with an amazing 83 out of 89 success rate. It's an even more astounding fact when you consider that according to...

Rich Tehrani's Q&A with Former FCC Chairman Kevin Martin Video

Here's a video of part of Rich's Q&A with Kevin Martin taken at ITEXPO East 2011. YouTube Video...
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