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SugarCRM's Clint Oram's AstriCon Keynote [VIDEO]

This is SugarCRM's Clint Oram's AstriCon keynote taken holding my iPhone 4S up in the air. It's not the full keynote but it is 6 minutes long - hey I can only hold my arm up for so long! However,...

Fonality launches Asterisk-based trixbox Appliance

Fonality announced a new enterprise telephony appliance based on trixbox, a popular distribution of Asterisk and aptly named "trixbox appliance". If an Asterisk-based appliance sounds familiar, you would be correct. Digium has their own Asterisk appliance as well. Are Asterisk-based...

trixbox 2.0 released

trixbox 2.0 beta will be available for download on Wednesday. This release will be Fonality's first big contribution to the trixbox/Asterisk community after the recent Fonality acquisition of trixbox. which certainly caused a stir within the Asterisk community. I spoke...

Fonality acquires trixbox

Fonality will announce tomorrow that they have acquired trixbox, formerly known as Asterisk@Home, and the the world's largest Asterisk-based community. Trixbox is a turn-key, bootable .iso CD image that can turn a PC with no OS into an Asterisk server...
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