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Jumper Card - The Swiss Army Knife of Portable Chargers

The Jumper Card is a very unique portable charger that meets just about every portable charger requirement - it's small/portable, it has decent power for its size, and it sports multiple connector types, including MicroUSB, Apple's Lightning, and iPhone 30-pin...

Eton To the Rescue! Get Emergency Proof!

With all the weather that we're been experiencing (hot, hot, hotter), it's a good idea to be prepared in case of a power outage or other emergency.  (And this goes out to all of you are in hurricane season now,...

Swiss Army Meets the MP3 Generation: Make Sense?

Funny story on yesterday's Tech Confidential about how Swiss Army knifes are kluging on MP3 players to create strange tried-and-try analog/quick obsolescence digital combinations. Does anybody buy these things? Would you? ...
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