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It's the Modbook Ba-bee!

Image a MacBook with the screen already open when you pick it up and without any hinges. Well, the description doesn't do it justice, but that's what you got with the Axiotron Modbook. It's the first and only Mac-based...

HP Says Touch Me Now!

Hewlett-Packard (HP), aiming to boost its personal computer sales against arch rival Dell (and Lenovo and Apple, too), is increasingly turning to touch-screen technology.HP is now developing a consumer notebook with a touch screen that will debut before year end. It...

Asterisk on a Nokia 770

Asterisk 1.2.1 running on a Nokia 770 tablet? B) The Nokia 770 is a mobile device with mobile wireless support, so now you can bring Asterisk wherever you go! Those crazy Asterisk gurus, what'll they think of next! ;) Check...
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