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TalkSwitch 5.0 Released

TalkSwitch today released TalkSwitch Software 5.0. What's interesting about this news is that this new software actually adds more IP extensions and more voicemail memory to EXISTING TalkSwitch users. Wow, first today I wrote about a free IP-PBX and now a IP-PBX...

TalkSwitch and BroadVoice target the SMB with a VoIP solution

I'm a huge fan of TalkSwitch's VoIP products designed for the SMB and have tested a few of their products. For instance, TMC Labs (of which I am a part of) reviewed the Talkswitch 48-LS about three years ago and...

Satellite VoIP service

So you wanna setup an IP-PBX phone system in Antartica and use VoIP to terminate calls, do ya? What's that you say? You don't think you can get broadband Internet access in Antartica to deliver the VoIP packets? No worries...

Centrepoint Technologies is now Talkswitch

One of my favorite SOHO VoIP companies, Centrepoint Technologies, announced that effective immediately the company will be called TalkSwitch (after the name of their SMB VoIP-capable phone system). According to Talkswitch, "The name has been changed to reflect the success,...
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