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Blabbelon Launches HD VoIP for Video Games

Video gamers love VoIP in video games but have often been disappointed with poor voice quality - including jitter, lag, and choppiness, inability to continue to talk via VoIP once you close the game and just an overall poor...

VoIP in Second Life

On Wednesday, Vivox announced their "one million free minutes" promotion which enables the 3D virtual world "Second Life" users to speak to each other via their phones using PC VoIP to landline termination (PC-to-PSTN). Natively Second Life doesn't support PC-to-PSTN,...

Teamspeak the VoIP server for gamers

Teamspeak is one of the best kept secrets in VoIP, hidden in the dark bowels of the online gaming community. Teamspeak offers a scalable VoIP application which enables many users to simultaneously speak to one another. It was designed with...
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