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Skype@Home Telephone Products Coming?

Today, Rich Tehrani wrote about Microsoft "working on Skype Everywhere Initiative" based on another job listing. Just a few days ago I wrote about a Microsoft job listing was pointing toward Microsoft and Skype building a HTML5 Web version...

March 7, 1876 Telephone Patented + How to Dial the Telephone Video (1927)

On this day March 7th in 1876 - 136 years ago - Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone.  Interestingly, with the patenting of this world-changing technology an instructional black & white video was released in 1927 - a silent one...

What Do You Get a Girl Who Has Everything?

I remember when I was a kid the big thing was to get a stereo in your room and -- if you were really lucky -- your own phone. Now, by “your own phone,” I mean a telephone that was...

Art Deco Collectable Chinese rosewood dragon phone

Saw this EMS Art Deco Collectable Chinese rosewood dragon telephone on eBay. Now why can't IP phones look this cool? ;) Actually the phone looks kinda scary. Reminds me somewhat of the Munsters decor who ironical had a dragon living...
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