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Ooma Telo Groupon Deal - $240 Discounted to $99

Perhaps Ooma saw my magicJack vs netTALK vs Ooma vs. Obihai article where I determined Ooma was the most expensive option since a few days later they announced a Groupon deal of 59% off reducing the $239.98 price tag to...

magicJack vs netTALK vs Ooma vs. Obihai

Now that I have tested magicJack, netTALK, and Ooma, three of the leading super low-cost phone service providers, I thought it was time to do a detailed comparison of these VoIP providers, as well as a relatively new wildcard -...

Ooma Telo Review

Back in 2007 I wrote an article "Ooma goes Booma" because Ooma's claim-to-fame feature was that it worked by 'sharing' your PSTN analog phone line with other Ooma users. I was right that this PSTN sharing feature and business model...

Ooma Telo installed - Ooo Look, Shiny Bright Blue LEDs!

I received the latest version of the Ooma Telo along with the Wi-Fi dongle for a product review. I'll have to ask Ooma for the Bluetooth dongle to test since that seems like a cool mobile integration feature. Ooma competes...

ooma Telo vs. magicJack

Rich met with ooma recently to see their latest wares and hear about their current business model. Recently, ooma ditched the 'P2P voice network' idea where users actually "share" their home landline with others and instead became a traditional VoIP...
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