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Broadvox's David Byrd Overview at ITEXPO

David Byrd Vice President of Marketing and Product Management for Broadvox stopped by to speak with me at ITEXPO. You should definitely check out David's SIP and Serve by a Foodie blog. He provides interesting insights on VoIP, but also...

Tell me something I don't know - Telefónica & Microsoft team up for Live Messenger VoIP

Just saw a news release put out today that Telefonica and Microsoft have teamed up for Live Messenger VoIP. CNet also picked up this news. Only one problem - on October 2nd, I discovered Microsoft had added something called "Voype"...

Packet8 Drops International Calling Phone Rates

Calls to China dropped from 3¢ per minute to now 1¢ per minute? Wow! That's a 67% drop! All I can say is it is absolutely amazing how far prices have dropped. The race to zero/free calling continues... Packet8 sent me...

Asterisk Termination and ENUM

I discovered this interesting Asterisk termination post saved as "unpublished" dated 6-20-2005. I must have put it aside to work on some other projects. I thought I would publish it now since it still has some pertinent thoughts. Reading my...

VoIP spells doom for calling card business?

I haven't used a calling card since my parents gave me one for college (to avoid my college's exorbitant per/minute fees), and I would have figured with unlimited cell phone plans, unlimited broadband VoIP plans (Vonage, Lingo, etc.), as well...

Phantom Traffic: Identifiable but Not Billable

I came across an interesting article from Billing World that I thought I'd point out. It discusses how traffic can be identified but not billed, as well as "tricks" to disquise where the call originated from. The article claims that...
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