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Need a Headset, Get a Ticket

 Love this concept!!Get pulled over for using a mobile phone in the car, get a ticket (you have to be in the right state to be in the wrong -- you know who you are!), send that ticket to and...

Parking meter meet your cousin the red light camera

Photo Violation Technologies Corp. ("PVT"), a developer of innovative parking meter solutions, has announced the launch of its patented PhotoViolationMeter ("PVM"). According to PVT, "This self-enforcing parking meter is easy to use, fair, and permits municipalities to keep parking rates...

Movies from your phone

Fandango announced they will be rolling out an online and phone movie ticketing service in October. Fandango, will enable users of Web-enabled mobile phones and PDAs to access movie information and ticketing at Movie-goers can also text Fandango at...
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