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Polycom RealPresence Connects Non-standard TIP TelePresence Systems

I've written about Polycom supporting TIP (Telepresence Interoperability Protocol) and Cisco's response to Polycom supporting it. Well, today Polycom announced a new software update for Polycom RealPresence Platform designed to "free users locked into proprietary telepresence solutions." This update...

Cisco Responds to Polycom's Adoption of TIP and Interoperability

A Cisco representative saw my article about Polycom's announcement to support Telepresence Interoperability Protocol (TIP) and she thought I'd be interested in hearing Cisco's take. David Hsieh, vice president, emerging technologies, Cisco responded to this news announcement as follows: "We...

Polycom UC Intelligent Core Platform Supports TIP Standard - Interoperable with Cisco

June of last year I wrote about how Cisco had to adopt the open source TIP protocol before the EU would approve Cisco's acquisition of Tandberg: An interesting back story behind the Cisco acquisition of Tandberg is that Cisco had...
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