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Windows 8 Tablets Will Beat Apple & Android

After using and testing the Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700t (XE700T1C) for a few weeks I've come to the conclusion that Windows 8 tablets will without a doubt beat Apple iPad tablets and Android tablets. The reason is simple actually...

Netflix App Arrives for iPhone and iPod Touch!

Netflix for the iPhone and iPod Touch has arrived! You can ditch the Netflix for iPhone & iPod Touch hack I wrote about. You can be legit. It is here my friends! Download it now here. Then sign-in, pick a...

Real iPhone Competition?

High Tech ComputerUnveiled in London with plans for European sales next month, this follows the Touch, which has sold well since its launch last June, a few weeks before the iPhone launch.Plans are for the phone to be available in...

Launch of VoIP on iPod touch now official

We all know iPod Touch Mods is hard at work to hack the iPod touch to enable SIP-based VoIP, right? Well, it'll be a Happy New Year with the official release on January 1st, 2008. SIP-VoIP for the iPod touch...

Apple iPod touch

Apple unveiled the iPod touch, essentially a "phoneless" iPhone featuring all that glorious iPhone multi-touch UI functionality but without the AT&T contract. :)  The iPod touch features WiFi wireless connectivity which not only lets you browse the web using...
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