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P2P GPS Traffic Reports

Using P2P technology along with GPS coordinates sent to fellow drivers to calculate the most optimal navigation route is something I wrote about and predicted would one day happen in my "I hate traffic - GPS to the rescue" blog...

Google Maps adds Traffic Info to mobile phones

Google announced an update to Google Maps for mobile that will enable consumers in the U.S. to view detailed information on traffic conditions in more than 30 major metropolitan areas, as well as partial information in other area from a...

Navizon Transforms Cell Phones, Wi-Fi Devices into A GPS Device

Navizon Transforms Cell Phones, Wi-Fi Devices into a GPS device and leverages P2P for locating your buddies. What I'd really like for this technology to do is use my idea of P2P GPScasting to transmit your GPS coordinates to others...

Phantom Traffic: Identifiable but Not Billable

I came across an interesting article from Billing World that I thought I'd point out. It discusses how traffic can be identified but not billed, as well as "tricks" to disquise where the call originated from. The article claims that...


As a huge proponent of GPS I've complained to just about anyone who will listen that all GPS systems should incorporate real-time traffic conditions and use them to calculate the optimal route. And no, I'm not talking about real-time traffic...

I hate traffic! GPS to the rescue?

I hate traffic. No, let me rephrase that. I HATE traffic! Connecticut's I-95 corridor from Bridgeport to Greenwich is ranked as having traffic in the nation. I know for a fact that commuting on I-95 has knocked off at least...
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