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Krusell's on the Case

Mobile phone cases and PDA cases are big business. After you’ve dropped a few bucks on these gadgets, you need to protect them from scratches, drops and other potential end-of-life occurrences.You may remember I’ve just moved from a Treo 600...

Blackberry Woes Lead to Treo Nod

Yesterday, I wrote about Blackberry's woes (and the pending woes of all of its many users) based on its unsettled lawsuit of its parent, Research in Motion, with NTP.Well, that situation made it clear to me that the way to...

Palm's Z22 Gets Back to Organizer Basics

The Z22 organizer gets back to Palm’s roots when it decided that designing one device (a hand-held electronic organizer) to do a few select things would make everyone forget paper organizers, note pads or small pieces of paper scattered all...
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