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Articulation - VoIP on your Palm PDA

Palm users have been clamoring for VoIP on their Palm devices for quite some time. I've mentioned VoIP on Palm (including the Treo) in the past. mobiVoIP was the first to offer VoIP on a Palm device.  However, mobiVoIP only...

Palm GPS Navigator Smartphone Edition for Treo phones

Palm Treo smartphone users and GPS enthusiasts rejoice! Palm today announced the Palm GPS Navigator Smartphone Edition, featuring the new TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 software, which is one of the most popular GPS navigation software packages. With the new GPS Navigator...

Palm rewards loyal Palm Treo owners

I just received this email offer from Palm which offers a free 1GB SD card i($99 value) f you are already a current Palm handheld or smartphone (Treo) owner. Wonder if they'll give me the $99 value SD card for...

Palm Treo goes VoIP

VoIP for the Treo is now available. With the recent launch of the new Treo 700p, MantraGroup's timing to launch their VoIP client called mobiVoIP for the Palm-based OS couldn't be better. They claim to be the first VoIP solution...

Palm Treo 700p review

Palm's Treo 700p, the heavily anticipated successor to the popular Palm Treo 650, launched on Monday. Speculation and rumors has surrounded the Palm Treo 700p as far as which features it would and would not support. For instance, speculation was...
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