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Triple Play Interop

Some news to share involving a test bed that included WiFi, VoIP, VoIP over WiFi, and "triple play"- all important technologies in the VoIP space. Azimuth W-Series was a key component in running performance tests on Wi-Fi handsets and Wi-Fi...

Triple play Linux STB breaks $100 barrier

Hat Tip to Linux Devices for this i3 micro technology news... i3 micro technology claims that its new Mood 130 is the first high-performance IP set-top box to provide video streaming for under $99. Housed in a very compact (6.69...

Triple Play Case Study

Very interesting Triple Play solution case study from Intel. Some notable names in the PDF file - Netcentrex and Envivio. Excerpt: IPlay3 delivers a single fully integrated solution to provide value-added voice and video services on top of a high-speed...

Triple Play

Triple Play Cover Story Preview! I promised in my blog a preview of Pannaway's Service Convergence Network (SCN), a Triple Play solution which is the next cover story for Internet Telephony Magazine. So here it is... You should also read...

Triple Play Testing Tool

It was bound to happen - with all the hype surrounding Triple Play, someone was going to launch a Triple Play testing tool. Looks like Spirent was first; check it out: SPIRENT COMMUNICATIONS ANNOUNCES SYSTEM FOR TRIPLE PLAY TESTING Architecture...

Triple Play IP Media Gateway from Telco Systems

Telco Systems today introduced the EdgeGate CPE GW-482 VoIP Media Gateway to broaden their end-to-end FTTH 'Triple-Play' solution to include Independent Telephone Companies (ILECs) along with utilities and municipalities. The new extended temperature EdgeGate CPE GW-482 gateway, part of Telco...
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