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Text-to-Speech (TTS) on Kindle Fire!

Text-to-speech (TTS) for the Kindle Fire is a long sought after feature. Having TTS on your Kindle Fire enables you to listen to your e-books using text-to-speech without having to buy expensive audiobooks. Some people may be vision impaired and...

SpinVox Transcribes Skype Voicemail & VoiceScribe does the same for Asterisk

Skype users can now have their voicemails converted into text via SpinVox. Today, SpinVox announced that your Skype voicemails transcribed and sent to you via SMS for €0.20/£0.17/25 cents plus the cost of the SMS. SimulScribe, now PhoneTag, is...

JAJAH Babel and JAJAH Concierge Launch

JAJAH today launched two brand new JAJAH services called JAJAH Babel and JAJAH Concierge. JAJAH Babel is a speech-to-speech translation service. Currently, it only translates English-to-Chinese (Mandarin) and Chinese-to-English. Perfect timing for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Summer Games, but I...

Using Asterisk to Scam Credit Cards

Received a news tip that fraudsters are using Asterisk as a "collection tool" for their credit card scam. While that's nothing new by itself, since there are plenty of scammers leveraging Asterisk, I found it fascinating to be able to...

Asterisk Wake-Up calls and Web Scheduling

Those of you that travel a lot have probably encountered the situation where you think you set the hotel alarm clock correctly only to learn the volume was turned way down or you had it set to PM instead of...

Asterisk Flite text-to-speech program

Nerd Vittles has an excellent post on a new text-to-speech add-on for Asterisk called Flite that can read text in a MySQL database to a caller. While there already existed the Festival TTS, there were reports of performance problems when...
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