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Voxbone Global DID Numbers Come to Aculab Cloud Platform

Aculab Cloud enables automated telephony applications by handling all the telephony resources in a cloud-based platform. Using simple, high-level language APIs, Aculab Cloud makes it easy for developers to create telephony applications that control inbound and outbound telephone calls. Today,...

Zingaya Launches Zingaya Enterprise Edition

Zingaya today announced Zingaya Enterprise, a new platform and API enabling VoIP calls from a browser or a mobile app with a single click. Their platform enables developers to build out Mobile VoIP apps, with applications that include support desk and sales &...

Skype (Microsoft) Blows $85 Million on GroupMe

Skype was in talks with GroupMe to acquire them before Microsoft's (pending approval) bought Skype. With Microsoft purchasing Skype you would have thought Microsoft would have squashed any pending purchases by Skype or at least approve them. The fact that...

BT Kills the Rabbit, err Ribbit

Ribbit, which was acquired by BT, and which Ribbit claimed was "Silicon Valley's First Phone Company" has been killed. Ribbit was a cloud-based phone system with APIs to integrate voice communications into business applications such as, CRM systems, call...

Attention All Startups in the VoIP Industry!

I thought I'd share some TMC news about a very cool opportunity TMC is providing to startup companies. At the next Internet Telephony Conference & Expo (ITEXPO), TMC will offer startup companies the ability to pitch their products and services....
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