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BASF Goes Near Zero: ("Green") House as One Big Clean Gadget

Why can't a house, particularly a "green" house built as a Near-Zero Energy Home, be considered a giant gadget? (Anyone remember when BASF made audio and video tape?) What makes me think this is BASF's demonstration of a home that is 80 percent more energy efficient,...


The highly anticipate battle between the U.S. and the U.N. was over before the bell even rung. The U.N. threw in the towel and the U.S. retains control over ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). Negotiators from...

The fracturing of the Internet Part II

Last month I griped about the fracturing of the Internet and how the U.N. - specifically countries like China, Cuba, and Iran - wanted to wrestle control from the U.S. from overseeing the Internet. Well, a U.S. Senator has decided...

The fracturing of the Internet

Sadly, the fracturing of the Internet has begun.First, we have Level 3 and Cogent Communications, two major Internet backbone providers bickering - they've cut off peering Internet traffic to each other. From ZDNet:Two major Internet backbone companies are feuding, potentially...
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