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Rotten Apple: iTunes 11 Latest Cutbacks

Sure, Apple seems like it is always getting better and more streamlined, but what about the other side of the story? We're here to inform you what is really going on behind all the glamour of Apple and some noteworthy...

Windows 8 Explorer Sports Ribbon Interface

Microsoft has redesigned the venerable Windows Explorer based on opt-in data they collected. The new UI (image above) to be featured in Windows 8 will sport the "ribbon interface" made famous in Microsoft Office. The Microsoft ribbon is loved or...

Windows 8 Preview Video - I hate it already!

So Microsoft announced a Windows 8 Preview video. I hate it. It's designed with a touch Windows tablet (i.e. iPad) in mind. The Start Menu is replaced by these humongous graphical tiles taking up way too much screen real-estate. All...
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