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Cingular Starts To Sing

Now Cingular is getting into the music business? If I'm reading the Wall Street Journal correctly (and I usually do), then Cingular is joining the fray with Verizon and its V Cast music service to give the iPod a run...

Nokia Gets Loud in Mobile Music via Loudeye Buy

Another titanic struggle is in the making -- this time in the digital convergence of music and the cell phone. While we all wait for Apple's mobile phone announcement, the established mobile phone companies are staking out their ground in...

LG Goes Chocolate

What's your favorite flavor mobile phone? (The heat must be getting to me ...)Well, if you said "Make mine chocolate," then LG has the phone for you. Yes, that's right, it's "Chocolate," which is now available through Verizon Wireless. The Chocolate mobile...

VCast Update: Let the People Speak

We've been working it out with Verizon Wireless V Cast music service for a month or so now and have had a largely positive experience with this attempt to trying get every essential gadget in a single all-in-one device.Interested to...

V CAST: Early Reviews See a Winner

Early results are in regarding Verizon Wireless' V CAST service and LG's VX8100 V CAST Music Phone -- it's a winner! An iPod cell phone! V CAST service is homage to iTunes and phone plays some great sounding music for...

More on Apple's iPod Phone

With Verizon recently announcing its own music store -- V CAST -- that will enable that service's users to download high-quality digital music on its cell phones, it's little wonder that Apple seems to be advancing in its own march...
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