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Skype 2.7 for Mac Released

Today Skype released Skype 2.7 for Mac. Mac users will enjoy better sound in this latest release and they claim they've made it "look better". If you Apple Mac fans feel left out of the cool high-quality video capabilities of...

Valentine's Day: Gadget Day?

So, was it flowers and chocolate or did you make it a Valentine's Day = Gadget Day celebration? Well, did you? It's still early so you can change you're mind ... Retailers are waiting for you ... What more can...

Make It a Gadget for Valentine's Day

Forget the flowers, forget the chocolates (well, maybe not), but why not give your special someone a gadget for Valentine's Day? I know it may be a thought that's considered "outside the box" -- now I'm thinking of those...

Vonage-gram for Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day, Vonage is enabling their customers the ability to surprise their loved ones with a poem and personalized “Vonage-gram” message. Vonage-grams give customers the ability to send a special recorded message (powered by as a memorable and...

A Gadget Makes the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Seems like gadgets aren't such a strange Valentine's Day gift after all.  According to an article in yesterday's San Francisco Chronicle, chocolates and roses are moving out of the way this year to make room for a more gadget-centric V Day.In...
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