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Pac-West and Verisign partner on converged solutions

Pac-West today announced a partnership with Verisign to deliver converged communications services, that combines IP/data, VoIP, and wireless. I've written about Verisign in the past with regards to VoIP. In fact, Verisign is a huge proponent of ENUM, as am...

Verisign Jobs

I wouldn't normally post a job listing on my VoIP blog, however when Verisign emailed with with a PDF file containing several VoIP job descriptions, it piqued my interest. They asked me for any help I could provide, so I...

Verisign and VoIP using SS7 and SIP

Everybody knows VeriSign as the guys who issue SSL certificates, right? Well, I guess Verisign is diversifying. Check out this bit of news with my analysis at the bottom. VeriSign, a provider of intelligent infrastructure services for the Internet and...
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