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Microsoft XBOX Surface To Feature PixelSense?

Today is the big Microsoft "reveal", with everything pointing towards a Microsoft designed tablet. One rumored spec sheet via Shift2U is very fascinating detailing a new device called Xbox Surface:At first glance I saw the 250GB 2.5" SCSI 10K RPM...

Microsoft upgrades Xbox Live But Rumored Skype Integration is False

The upcoming Metro update to Microsoft’s Xbox, will start to be pushed down to your Xbox console some time this week, but alas it doesn't appear to contain the rumored Skype integration, which several rumors hinted at a Fall...

Blabbelon Launches HD VoIP for Video Games

Video gamers love VoIP in video games but have often been disappointed with poor voice quality - including jitter, lag, and choppiness, inability to continue to talk via VoIP once you close the game and just an overall poor...

Skype unveils Game Developer Program

Both Rich Tehrani and Greg Galitzine are reporting that at today’s TMC Communications Developer Conference, keynote speaker Paul Amery, Director of the Skype Developer Program, officially announced Skype’s new Game Developer Program and the introduction of a new Skype Game...
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