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VOCAL Technologies Selects SMSC's Ethernet Controller

Quick news bite...VOCAL Technologies has selected SMSC's Ethernet controller for its reference design serving the Voice Over IP (VOIP) market space. In addition, SMSC will be VOCAL's silicon supplier for all IP interaction. SMSC's Non-PCI Ethernet controllers are fully integrated,...

VOCAL Technologies News

With Internet Telephony Conference & Expo just around the corner in sunny Miami, I've already been getting advanced news about product announcments to be made at the show, new product offerings, etc.  Should be a great show.Some of the news I've...

Vocal Technologies VOCAL 1x0 ATA

Vocal Technologies VOCAL 1x0 This release came out Nov 30th, but thought it was still worth sharing since ATAs have become quite popular. ATAs, or Analog Telephony Adaptors are used to translate analog signals into digital signals that are...
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